Ideas for Making Dog Treat Containers

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Keep Rover's treats handy to reward your pup for good behavior or just to show him how much you love him. Create a decorative container to store those treats in, one that you can display on your counter or even carry with you outdoors, so that they stay fresh.


While you certainly could create a beautiful ceramic treat jar using clay, a kiln and some paint, you don't have to be that artistically inclined to make a cute treat jar. Consider repurposing and decorating items you probably already have in your home, such as old metal popcorn tins, cookie jars, resealable plastic tubs, glass jars, flower pots with saucers and even resealable plastic bags. Wash old containers thoroughly to remove any old bits of food or any potentially toxic chemicals and dry them to prepare them for decoration. You can also purchase new, inexpensive containers, like canning jars, that have no designs on them to personalize and decorate to your own tastes. Air-tight containers work best to keep treats fresh.


Use a spray adhesive or decoupage medium to coat the container of your choice. Attach wrapping paper or fabric to the outside of the container to create your custom doggie treat jar. This will cover up ugly designs, such as those on old metal tins, jars or plastic tubs. Once dry, spray or paint the covering with a clear acrylic sealant to make it durable. For fabrics, mix two parts acrylic sealant with one part textile medium; use the mixture to paint over the fabric. Choose dog-themed coverings, such as pictures of pooches, pictures of dog treats or a paw print pattern. You can even use patterns you find on the Internet or pictures of your pooch and print them out to attach to the container.

Painting and Etching

Use acrylic paint to cover the dog treat jar or, if the container is attractive already, paint phrases such as "dog treats," "pup cookies" or your pup's name on the front of the container to personalize it. Stencil or free-hand the lettering and designs. For clear glass jars, such as canning jars, paint designs onto them using stencils and glass etching cream. Combine acrylic paint designs with etched designs on clear glass, adding some pops of color to the jar among the plain frosted shapes and lettering. Paint pictures of dogs, dog silhouettes and bone shapes all over the jar to make it truly pup-specific.

Quick Makeovers

To quickly make an old jar or canister into a dog treat container without lots of time or effort, use decorative stickers to cover the outside of the jar in dog-themed designs. Tie a piece of fabric or ribbon with paw prints on it around the top of the jar for a simple makeover in minutes. Glue a dog-shaped or paw print charm to the ribbon or the front of the jar itself. For a treat container you can use on the go, take an old fanny pack or change purse and glue some rhinestones onto it, spelling out your pup's name or phrases like "dog treats" across the front.


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