Life as a dog man owner chapter 1

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Life as a dog man owner chapter 1

Chapter 1: As a dogman owner

The day i got married my father told my husband and I that he had a secret.

He asked us if we really wanted to hear it and we both answered yes.

So he told us that when he got married to my mom, my mother was a dog woman and now my sister and I are going to be dog people.

This shocked us. We didn’t know if it was something that was going to be good or bad.

He told us that our parents thought we might grow up to be dog people as we have always been interested in animals. So it was a blessing that he found my mom when she was a puppy woman.

He also said that she would not let me near her puppy dog, but my sister wanted one and my mom agreed to let my sister have one.

So the puppy was given to my sister and she wanted it, but my parents thought that my sister should keep it for a year so it can get used to her and then give it to us.

They also said that if my sister gets her heart broken, the puppy will also get broken and my sister will be more heartbroken because she was going to keep him for a year.

My father told us this secret after we were married and I was expecting our first child.

We were both very excited about the secret because he didn’t have to take a day off from work, so he could take care of us.

We talked to my mom and sister to tell them what my father told us.

My mother said she did not know what kind of animal she had and she was going to take my sister to a puppy man.

My sister was very excited because she wanted a puppy like our father, so she asked my mom if she could get a puppy but my mother said that we could have our own puppy.

My sister started crying when she heard this.

We went to the dog man and my sister and I wanted a puppy but my sister wanted a male puppy and my mom wanted to get the one that my sister wanted.

So we agreed to let my sister have a female puppy, but I asked my mom to get me a male puppy.

We went back to the dog man, and my mom gave him the money and he gave us the puppy.

My mother took my sister and I back home and my mom was so happy and my sister was happy because she got her puppy.

My father gave me a bag full of food for the baby and he gave my mother some money for our home, so that was a good time.

My mother cooked for us all and when the food was ready, she served us.

It was so delicious that we could eat it for lunch and dinner for the rest of the week.

My mother asked us what kind of puppy we were going to get.

I told her a female and she was very happy.

She kept asking my sister what kind of puppy she was going to get.

My sister told her that she wanted a male, but my mom said that we can have a male and female.

So my sister agreed to get a male and I got a female.

We went to get our puppy, but it was already night, so we went to my sister’s house.

We took the puppy to my sister’s bedroom and she told me how to take care of her puppy.

So when we got there, I was very excited because my sister was happy because she got her puppy.

I told her that my dad said that she will be the one who will take care of it and when I said this, she went into my sister’s room and closed the door.

It was so quiet in there that I thought that my sister was in the bathroom.

I looked in and saw a little black dog with big floppy ears.

It was very cute and I told my sister about it.

She said that I was right because she wanted a puppy, but I told her to be careful.

My sister told me that the dog man gave her the puppy and she had already named it, but she wanted to name it after me.

She said that I was going to be a good father to the puppy because I was going to help her with her homework.

When I went home, I told my mother about my sister’s puppy.

My sister was going to call the puppy after me.

My mother was very happy and she asked me about the dog man.

I told her that he was a dogman and I told her that he was nice to give us the puppy.

We asked my mother if she could get a puppy because she wanted one, so she said that we should go to the dog man to see if he can give us a puppy.

We went and my mother asked him about a puppy, but he told my mother that they were out of puppies, so she told us that we can have a male and a female.

We told my mother what we wanted, but she said that we can have both.

My mother asked if we want the puppy to be black or brown, and I told her that we wanted a black one.

My mother got some more money and she went to the puppy man and he gave her some more money and she told us that she was going to take us to a puppy man who was very special.

He was the best in the city.

When we got to his house, my sister and I wanted to take the puppy with us, but my mother told us that we should get some puppy food for the puppy.

So my mother got some puppy food, but my sister wanted to get more puppy food.

So my mother went to the puppy man’s store and we got more puppy food.

When we got home, my sister told my mother about her puppy and she got a lot of books for the puppy

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